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BurnP3+ is an open-source SyncroSim base package for running spatially-explicit fire growth models to explore fire risk and susceptibility across a landscape. BurnP3+ is funded, developed and maintained by the Canadian Forest Service.


BurnP3+ was designed to update and replace Burn-P3, a software application originally developed in 2005 by the Canadian Forest Service (Parisien et al. 2005). BurnP3+ (probability, prediction, and planning) allows users to produce estimates of wildfire susceptibility and risk across a landscape. Using a Monte Carlo simulation modelling approach, BurnP3+ combines stochastic draws of fire ignition, weather, and other burning conditions with a deterministic fire growth model. The outputs of a model run include raster grids of burn probability and burn count estimates, relative likelihood of burning, simulated fire perimeters , and metrics associated with the Fire Behaviour Prediction system such as rates of spread, fire intensity, and fuel consumption. Alternative scenarios can be contrasted to evaluate the response or sensitivity of these outputs to changes in input variables or conditions of interest, such as different weather conditions, fuel treatments, changes in ignition locations, or alternative land management practices.

BurnP3+ was developed to improve scalability to larger landscapes and number of scenarios, allow for cross-compatibility among platforms (Windows and Linux) and interfaces (Graphical, command line, R and Python), and increase flexibility in model structure through the implementation of modules. With these enhancements, BurnP3+ extends the success of Burn-P3 as a decision-support tool in land management and a framework for scientific inquiry (Parisien et al. 2019).

Burn-P3 utilized a single deterministic fire growth model called Prometheus. BurnP3+ now provides two options of fire growth models, available as add-on packages: BurnP3+Cell2Fire enables users to grow fires with Cell2Fire; and BurnP3+Prometheus enables users to grow fires with Prometheus. The Canadian Forest Service plans to develop additional fire growth add-on packages for BurnP3+. Alternatively, users also have the option to develop their own fire growth models and add-on packages.

BurnP3+ users can load model inputs, export model outputs and view spatial and graphical result summaries via various SyncroSim interfaces, including the Windows Graphical User Interface, the rsyncrosim package for R and the pysyncrosim package for Python.


The BurnP3+ SyncroSim Package requires the SyncroSim software, version 2.4.5 or higher.

If using the Cell2Fire fire growth model, you will also need to install the BurnP3+Cell2Fire add-on package.

If using the Prometheus fire growth model, you will need to install both Prometheus (version 2021.12.03) and the BurnP3+Prometheus add-on package.

Instructions for installing the above requirements for BurnP3+ are provided on the Getting Started page.

Getting Started

For a guided tutorial on BurnP3+, including installation, set up, model run, and output visualization, see Getting Started.


To see BurnP3+ in action, watch this video tutorial.

Browse source code for BurnP3+ at http://github.com/BurnP3/BurnP3Plus/.
Report a bug with BurnP3+ or contribute an idea at http://github.com/BurnP3/BurnP3Plus/issues.
Cell2Fire model at https://doi.org/10.3389/ffgc.2021.692706.
Cell2Fire add-on package for BurnP3+ at https://github.com/BurnP3/BurnP3PlusCell2Fire.
Prometheus model at https://firegrowthmodel.ca/pages/prometheus_overview_e.html.
Prometheus add-on package for BurnP3+ at https://github.com/BurnP3/BurnP3PlusPrometheus.
Burn-P3 software at https://firegrowthmodel.ca/pages/burnp3_overview_e.html.
Burn-P3 documentation at https://cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/publications?id=25627.
BurnP3+ discord channel at https://discord.gg/76QzY8eAYr.


Chris Stockdale (Author)
Shreeram Senthivasan (Author)
Brett Moore (Author, Maintainer)
Colin Daniel (Author)
Katie Birchard (Author)
Peter Englefield (Author)
Quinn Barber (Author)
Denys Yemshanov (Author)
Leonardo Frid (Author)